Paediatric dentistry

In Ukraine paediatric dentistry has not yet achieved such popularity as it has for example, in Europe or USA. In developed countries, it plays an exclusive important role, since general dentist cannot provide treatment adjusting specific children’s needs.

The profession of children’s dentist requires lots of qualities, i.e., sensitivity, prudency, patience, ability to find common ground and inspire confidence of children being the most demanding patients.

Children’s attendance differs significantly from the treatment of adult patients. First of all the treatment is associated with use of dental tools and materials designed specifically for children’s dentistry.

Normal growth and development of children largely depends on good nutrition and digestion of food depends on the condition of the teeth and their position. Healthy teeth embellish a child’s face while sick and located incorrectly ones distort it. Compliance with all rules of hygiene protects the child’s teeth from caries, but not from the dentist.

The problem of high occurrence of caries is one of the most pressing one in paediatric dentistry today. Features of anatomical structure of hard tissues with children contributes to the rapid spread of infection, development of complications in shallow lesion of cavity.

Parents can make first visit to the doctor by themselves, when the baby’s first teeth erupted, and get recommendations for baby’s oral cavity care.

With the emergence of all 20 milk teeth (about 2.5 – 3 years old) parents should bring the child to the initial examination of the doctor.




First visit is always an acquaintance and building of future trust relationship between the doctor and the small patient in the form of a game. The first impression of a child is imprinted in memory for a long time and if it is positive, the kid will gladly visit the children’s dentist again. Specialist will examine oral cavity, give advice on the selection of hygiene means and show how to use them, teach your child about home dental care and offer professional oral hygiene. To prevent tooth decay in the clinic there can be carried out mineral teeth enamel sealing with sealant. This is how both milk and permanent teeth can be treated. Milk teeth are often affected by caries shortly after their emergence. Sometimes it can effect separate teeth only still more often group of teeth is affected. This common procedure is painless and is performed by sealing natural holes of the tooth (fissure), where the food is often collected, with special material (sealant) saturating tooth with all the necessary micronutrients. This prevent from development of caries and its complications. Afterwards preventive examinations should be performed every 3-6 months.




It is important that the examination was conducted by a specialist to whom the child is already accustomed. The atmosphere will be familiar for the child and the kid will trust the doctor without any problems.

If your child has already got tooth decay, you should not panic. Psychological preparation of the child for taking to a doctor should begin even at home. Parents should show by example how to care about mouth, inspect the teeth, adjust and encourage the child to visit the dentist, without using the word “pain”, “fear”.

Somehow a belief that the milk teeth with small children cannot generally be treated and that such treatment is not even required is widespread among parents. Teeth affected with caries ache and facilitate spread of infection throughout the body, causing disease of stomach, joints and kidneys. Milk teeth treatment and sealing is a must at any age.

Teeth affected by caries should be treated, but not removed, because on a place of milk tooth at a certain time permanent teeth erupt. And that is why, in case of early removal of the milk tooth, the child will have difficulty with chewing food, broken diction, and what is extremely important, the wrong shaped permanent bite.

If the teeth are not in such a bad condition, the modern techniques allow to cure them painless and even without using a drill. Treatment without drill is performed in new alternative way of air-abrasive preparation – Sandman Futura. (Denmark). The advantage of this technique is that we should not do make anaesthesia (injection), there is no vibration and noise during manipulation.




Sandman Futura system works in a way that microscopic particles of aluminium oxide under pressure of air are put from the machine and gently remove all infected tissue, without damaging healthy tissue of the tooth. After application of Sandman Futura plaque on teeth is formed much more slowly. The walls of tooth have uneven surface that improves adhesion to tooth fillings and reduces the risk of secondary caries. Dental treatment using the Sandman Futura machine is absolutely safe and painless for both children and adults prone to allergic reactions to anaesthetics, as well as the elderly and pregnant women.

In our clinic, dentists have a comprehensive approach to the treatment of your child and this makes it possible to detect orthodontic pathology on time. Only qualified orthodontist will tell you about malocclusion and uneven teeth, as well as the teeth that can not erupt. He will appoint a child miohimnastics, and using braces or non-removable mean (brackets), orthodontic treatment will help your child to get rid of bad habits.

The main thing is not to miss the time! Straight healthy teeth is a guarantee of your child’s sweet and charming smile.

Thus, the main task of modern dentistry and skilled personnel of clinics is to make sure that children are not afraid to visit the dentist.