Professional hygiene

Professional hygiene

Professional hygiene is the prevention of dental diseases. In “ROMA” Clinic we offer to do this procedure also before treatment, since it is an integral part of dentistry cares about his/her health.

A large number of people notice that despite the daily use of home hygienic products for oral cavity (toothpaste, brushes, flosses, rinse) with time plague on the teeth, bleeding of gums and pain, unpleasant smell from mouth appear. The cause of such symptoms is the lack of hygiene in hard-to-reach areas (teeth of “wisdom”, molars, interdental spaces, teeth crowding areas), the presence of harmful habits, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

In the oral cavity there is has a large number of microorganisms. Even using the most modern products of hygiene at home it is not possible to clean hard-to-reach areas from food residue. Microorganisms together with food initially form soft plaque that accumulates and provokes inflammation of the gums. Being influenced by minerals and salts contained in saliva a soft plaque becomes hard and forms dental tartar. It happens over and under gums. When dental tartar is under gums the changes in the gums occur: tooth ligament is destroyed, bone around the tooth resolves and it starts moving. To prevent this, we recommend to carry out professional hygiene of oral cavity at least twice a year.

Visit to the hygienist begins with examination of oral cavity, making a diagnosis (if necessary – OPG), hygienic indexes are determined by painting teeth with indicator of teeth plague. Then begins the procedure. Professional hygiene is usually painless, very rarely, in cases of increased tooth sensitivity we may need anaesthesia. However, it is not obligatory, only at the request of the patient.



The procedure itself involves several steps: removal of dental hard layings using ultrasonic scaling, which effects destructively on bacteria. To make full removal of plague from spaces under gums and hard-to-reach areas are used hand tools. The next step is to remove soft plaque and pigmented plague. For such a procedure we use Air-Flow machine (its action includes supply of water, special powder, and air). After the two previous stages starts the final one – tooth polishing with using of silicone discs and special pastes of different abrasivity that polish tooth surface to shine and saturate it with fluorine (against carious effect) .Polish of teeth provides lasting protection – the smooth surface postpones the formation of plague, resulting the longer formation period for tartar. The teeth become whiter by 2-3 tones, smooth and very pleasant by touch. Also, after the necessary preventive hygiene teeth can be covered with a special varnish that contains the essential elements to strengthen the teeth.

Using implants is a modern method of restoring of dental arcade. The main condition for the stability and durability of implants is a thorough cleaning of plaque. Hygiene in this situation is somewhat different from the usual procedure. At home, patients must not only use a toothbrush, but also special brushes and dental floss (superfloss). The obligatory part of professional hygiene is use of currets with titanium coating that does not damage the surface of the implant.

After the procedure, which lasts in average 1.5-2 hours, hygienist makes recommendations on the selection of products of hygiene necessary for you, and will teach how to use them at home.

In “ROMA” Clinic we make composed an individual prophylaxis schedule based on the state of the tooth-jaw system and rhythm of your life.

Dear patients, it shall be remembered that prevention is always cheaper than treatment, and studies show that probability of formation of caries is reduced by 40-50% in case of regular professional hygiene.