Prosthetic dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry (denture treatment) is a section of dentistry aimed at restoration of previously lost tooth or part of a tooth or teeth or dental arcade.

The tooth loss is usually caused by dental diseases and their complications as well as injuries.

The loss of teeth, especially in a young age, not only leads to aesthetic defection of the dental arcade integrity, but in case of untimely visit to dentist, to different functional complications. As it is known, during prolonged absence of teeth the chewing function is broken, present teeth in mouth are overloaded that can lead to early loss, there occurs deformation of face (breaking of symmetry and proportions), muscles atrophy and changes in TMJ (pain, stiffness, crunch).

All this as well as unsatisfactory aesthetic appearance makes the patient seek for advice with a dentist-orthopaedist.

In “ROMA” Dental Clinic prosthetic dentistry differs with a comprehensive approach to each individual clinical situation.

The patient is usually most interested in how will look and operate his teeth after treatment. To answer this question it is necessary to conduct detailed planning of the future prosthesis. Therefore, prior to manipulation, we conduct functional diagnosis of tooth-jaw system, X-ray examination, photographs of clinical case and focus our attention on the wishes of the patient.

Having received all the data we analyse it in detail (for this we involve all necessary subspecialists of the clinic) make a diagnoses and draw up an individual plan of recommended dental treatment adjusting wishes of the patient, which in our opinion is the most optimal for the prognosis and duration of the treatment process. Also we consider alternatives that are possible in each case.

Concordance of the treatment plan with the patient is one of the most crucial task, since the chosen treatment option will determine the final result, the way how the teeth will look and operate.

In difficult clinical cases, we conduct pre-clinical wax modelling and make surgical templates for implantation {для клієнта – незакінчене речення в оригіналі}.

Taking into consideration the philosophy of maximum preservation of tooth we prefer implanting instead of “sawing off” a healthy teeth.

Only a team approach and coordinated work of all professionals is key to success.

Today, thanks to modern technology and materials, we are able to perform any type of prosthetic restoration on a high professional level.

According to way of fixing dentures are divided into removable and non-removable.

The group of non-removable dentures are:

  • – Inlays (only) – used for the replacement of the part of destroyed tooth and are made of composite or ceramic in the technical laboratory. Aesthetically and functionally it is stronger than a simple seal, especially in cases significant defects of the crown part of tooth;
  • 4411

  • – Veneers (covering made from ceramic materials 0,5-0,7mm thickness which are fixed on the vestibular wall of the tooth. They are made in cases of changing of the colour, shape or position of the tooth and are used to improve the aesthetics of the front teeth, creating the effect of “Hollywood smile”
  • 4412

  • – Crowns (metal-ceramic, pressed-ceramic, zirconium) – repeat anatomical build and shape of the tooth and are made in cases of significant defects of crown part of tooth, change of colours after an endodontic treatment or after the installation of the implant;
  • IMG_4415


  • – prosthetic bridges are the most popular constructions that restore small defects of dental arcade associated with loss of teeth. The main feature of these prostheses is that their attachment must have at least two poles, which can be both patients own teeth and artificial implants.
  • IMG_5198


The group of removable dentures are:

  • – Partial or full blade dentures are made in the absence of a large number or a complete loss of teeth. It restore mainly aesthetic and partially functionality of the teeth. Removable dentures as alternative of the implantation improved considerably and often comprise alternative solution in difficult cases;
  • IMG_5201

  • – bugel prosthesis are complex of orthopaedic structures, which are fixed on teeth and gums using special fasteners and locks. It is very important for abutment teeth to be healthy because they have to withstand heavy chewing load;
  • IMG_5202

  • – conditionally removable bugel prosthesis with the sustentation on implants comprise an alternative for non-removable and removable dentures. They differ from non-removable ones with their lower price, since for their fixation are needed several fixing implants (2-4), even of total restoration of the dental arcade.
  • 5195


  • – conditionally removable dentures are often used to replace the entire dental arcade with patients with significant bone loss when the location of more implants requires surgery, a long recovery, and significant financial costs.

The advantage of the removable prosthesis ensures reliable fixation and ability to eat any food.