“ROMA” Dental Clinic

“ROMA” Dental Clinic

“ROMA” Dental Clinic is located in the centre of the ancient town of Drohobych, where history is harmoniously intertwined with modernity. Such location is convenient both for the residents and guests of our town. Territory of the clinic resembles a cozy home yard. You can always conveniently and safely park your car here.

Our clinic works for you since 2004. The most modern technologies, high level of patients’ trust, the highest standards of dental care became the basis for a clinic’s establishment. Today it is a powerful project in the field of dentistry, which provides all kinds of dental treatment. With the coordination of the treatment process, the level of equipment, safety of cure “ROMA” Dental Clinic meets modern standards.

Every day we work improving the quality of dental care. We are the only Clinic in our region, where we conduct comprehensive dental treatment.




Human’s health is the highest value and the goal of our activity. We are able and know how to respect and appreciate each patient. Even the first step inside the clinic will set you up just for pleasant and positive emotions. At the reception you are will be greeted with a friendly smile of the registrar who will provide all the necessary initial information to help in choosing a specialist, help to schedule the visit to the doctor at a convenient time for you.

Separate specialized cabinets and highly qualified dentists in their special field will find an individual approach to each patient. Each patient is served by a doctor and an assistant. Our professionals are constantly improving their skills, including training abroad. The combined experience of our team of doctors is over 70 years, which makes it possible to treat our patients with the most favourable prognosis.

Safety and protection of patients ensured by thorough sterilization and disinfection of equipment and instruments including dental headpieces. Before each patient enters the cabinets it is disinfected in full, i.e. all work surfaces as well as dental equipment, dental and special furniture.




When starting a comprehensive dental treatment much attention is given to the patient’s previous concise diagnostics and planning. The equipment of our clinic allows to perform thorough examination of the entire oral cavity.

For inspection of dental arcade and condition of dentition we are using digital panoramic X-ray machine YOSHIDA PANOURA 18S (Japan), which gives the radiation exposure to the patient at 90-95% less than it was 10 years ago.




To diagnose separate teeth or areas computer radiovisiography is used. The results of surveys can be used at any time because every doctor’s workplace is equipped with a computer connected to the network, enabling instant access to information needed. This facilitates workflow and allows to observe in detail each step of treatment.




Availability of laser machine DIAGNOdent (KAVO) extends the possibility of diagnosing even the hidden cavities of decay. The device of odontodiagnostics allows to estimate the teeth sensitivity and their viability.

“ROMA” Clinic cooperates with bacteriological laboratories, helping to provide proper medical treatment of each patient in particular.




For thorough dental treatment planning we use data of digital computed tomography.

Modern electronic device for recording the interdental relationships ARCUS DIGMA (KaVo) not only contributes to the improvement of techniques of dental prosthesis, but also serves to diagnosis, functional analysis and adequate treatment of the disease of temporomandibular joints. In addition, the software enables the playback of clinical situations in three-dimensional 3D options: we were the first clinic in Ukraine using this technology.




The success and predictability of future treatment depends on the proper diagnosis and a drawn plan. For complex patients we build up a recommended plan with most optimal forecast and duration of the treatment process, as well as some alternative options. The treatment plan is individually agreed with the patient and one of plans came into force as a workplan.

Coordinated work of highly skilled doctors and professional doctors is a key to the best results.

In “ROMA” Clinic there work only highly professional specialties, such as children’s dentist, dental therapist endodentists, surgeon, orthodontist and restorative GP. This highly specialized approach always has precedence over the practice of general dentistry.

Most commonly, the treatment begins in the office of professional hygiene. In order to prevent dental diseases such visit is required once in half of a year. In addition, after the procedure hygienist will give advice on the selection of hygienic tools necessary for you, and will teach how to use them.

In the cabinet of therapeutic treatment is performed dental stopping and artistic restoration of teeth. To perform a quality endodontic treatment dental doctor uses a microscope KAPS (Germany). Using a microscope reveals the hidden root canals, cracked walls of tooth, make easier to treat root canal with atypical structure, extract fragments of tools, to find and close the perforation of canal, treat with proper quality previously treated teeth. This enhances preservation of teeth and prolongs their functional purpose.




The priority area of our activity is implantation, for performance of which is equipped a separate operational room. Surgical treatment is conducted in a planned way after detailed analysis and previously compiled treatment plan. Thus, we prefer implantation as one of the most effective and modern treatments, which today enables smaller percentage of complications (2-4%).

In orthopaedic cabinet are performed various types of removable and non-removable prosthetics that cannot only fix dental problems with which patients come to us, but also meets their aesthetic requirements the best.

Children attendance is performed by children’s dentist, who provides individual psychological approach to each child. On the first visit to the dentist depends the future attitude of the child to the treatment process.

Orthodontic treatment for both adults and children is special pride of the clinic. It can make your smile not just beautiful but perfect. By using modern removable and fixed orthodontic appliances, we can achieve the best aesthetic and functional results.

Each specialist is an integral part of our team working for one common result. Satisfied and smiling patient is the highest value for the clinic.