If the dentist says: “This 8th tooth is very difficult” – then come to us. Our surgeons work with this particular case, using their special atraumatic extraction technique.

Do I need to have the 8th tooth extracted?

Opinions of dental surgeons are divided: most of them insist on their extraction, while others don’t even pay attention to them. But they should! More and more often, wisdom teeth only do harm. We hardly ever eat hard food, our jaws are evolutionarily getting smaller and therefore the first and most common reason for extraction is lack of space. The 8th teeth simply do not fit in our jaws.

The result is incomplete and irregular eruption, inflammation, pain, swelling, injured cheeks (bitten), headaches, crunching and problems with the temporomandibular joint.

The second and equally common cause is orthodontic shows. If you are planning treatment with braces, it is likely that a qualified doctor will recommend the removal of 8 teeth so that there is enough space to move the teeth in the jaw and avoid a recurrence in the future.

Wisdom tooth extraction can be both simple and complex (atypical retained tooth extraction). The latter means that your tooth is uncut and has an irregular position in the jaw. For this, our surgeons use a special atraumatic extraction technique, without traumatizing the bone. It is best to work with teeth that are still budding (15-17 years old). This extraction has several advantages: it is predictable, fast and less traumatic. However, there is no age limit. We work even with complicated cases, so if all dentists say that it is “a very complicated tooth” – come to us!

Unique offer in our clinic – simultaneous extraction of all 4 teeth in one visit in a medical sleep.


Solja Hataranjak

A good clinic with highly qualified specialists.

Comfortable location and professional work with children.

Reception staff is very nice and open, easy to get the advice I needed.

Lena Mishturak

Very nice staff, good service and professional! Thank you for the recommendation!


Absolutely the best clinic!!! I would like to personally thank Ilik Olena Romanivna and Olya, who is always helpful, for making my smile perfect and flawless!!! Special thanks to Goshko Iryna and her assistant Halyna for their hard work and my healthy, beautiful teeth. It was Iryna’s treatment that made me love dentistry for life. Now I always look forward and enjoy my next visit to the dentist. And your receptionists are like a second mother at home, they are friendly, advise, suggest, and most importantly, always remind me of my visit. You are all the best!!!!!


Typical wisdom tooth extraction

2100 UAH

Atypical wisdom tooth extraction

3500 UAH


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