You sleep, we treat you at Medical Dream Center

This is Ukraine’s first inclusive dentistry project. It is based on more than 25 years of experience and has no equivalent in Ukraine. A separate 250 sqm building serves only one operating room. This space is entirely at your disposal during treatment, ensuring comfort and anonymity of your stay.

The Medical Sleep Centre *MDC provides sleep treatment for both children and adults. Our youngest patient is 1 year old. There are no age restrictions.

At the same time, inclusiveness makes it possible for people with disabilities to stay and be treated comfortably. We have taken the principle of accessibility and barrier-free design into account.

MDC performs all dental treatment while you sleep. A full oral hygiene treatment for your child or for you is usually carried out in one visit.

A reliable, qualified anesthetic team is responsible for the safety and quality of medically assisted sleep. We are equipped with modern devices manufactured by world market leaders. Thanks to these two components, we guarantee you a safe and comfortable sleep.

What are the indications for sleep treatment?

Sleep treatment is an ideal solution that provides dental health for those who have always been intimidated by dentists, have low sensitivity to local anesthetics, have a high volume of treatment or have co-morbidities.

And for people with disabilities, it is often the only treatment option.

The drugs we work with are safe and non-toxic. They are not addictive, do not accumulate in the human body and are eliminated naturally within 24 hours.

This allows us to work with children and adults suffering from conditions such as epilepsy, autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, cardiac defects, and mental health disorders.

У дітей першим кроком введення в сон є інгаляція спеціальним препаратом – севофлуран, що подається через наш новий, сучасний апарат Drager. Для дитини процедура інгаляції, як така – це знайомо, оскільки, в домашніх умовах вони часто роблять її за медичними показами. В операційну малечу запрошуємо тільки з кимось із родичів, щоб вона почувала себе у безпеці. Дивлячись улюблений мультик, на руках у мами, наш маленький пацієнт дихає через масочку і всього за кілька секунд плавно занурюється у сон. Після чого, розпочинається саме лікування.
*В операційній строго заборонено перебування сторонніх осіб під час лікування згідно наказу МОЗ.

У MDC є окрема кімната вибудження з комфортним ліжком, де пацієнти, чи це дорослі чи діти, мають змогу прокинутись вже поруч із близькими.



Good dental clinic. Good professionals working, always welcoming team, with care for the patient. Great and positive atmosphere. Always absolutely sterile and clean. I and my relatives visit the clinic. Everyone is happy and there have been no complaints. I recommend it.


Great clinic! Always met by polite, smiling, and communicative receptionists with good advice and guidance. Dentists are experts in their field. All dental instruments are sterilized and packed in kraft bags – a big priority for me in choosing a clinic because I am involved in the medical industry, and I know how important this is. I am sure that at ROMA Clinic I will not catch any disease during dental procedures. I would like to thank the staff and the head of the clinic and part-time orthodontist Ilyk Olena Romanivna for the successful orthodontic treatment. During this period you have become like family to me.




Great clinic and friendly staff. Very satisfied, highly recommend them! 👍🏻


Medical sleep for up to 30 minutes (inhalant)

4000 UAH

Medical sleep for children up to 2 hours

6500 UAH

Medical sleep for adults up to 2 hours

7500 UAH

Every additional hour of medical sleep

2500 UAH


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