Did you know that if tooth decay is not treated in time, the infection spreads deeper into the tooth and causes inflammation of the nerve (pulpitis)? In such cases we usually hear: “We have to pull the nerve out!”

Endodontics is the treatment of root canals. It can be primary or secondary.

Primary endodontic treatment is caused by irreversible changes in the nerve of the tooth (pulp), which occurs as a consequence of an infection entering the nerve (a tooth decay complication). The indication for secondary endodontics is an infection at the root apex, for example, associated with a previously poorly healed root canal. Primary and secondary endodontics include mechanical cleaning and treatment with special medication and root canal filling.

Since the early 2000s, the ROMA Clinic has been using a special KAPS dental microscope (Germany) for quality endodontic treatment.

The combination of powerful shadow-free light and high magnification allows the endodontist to work with high precision and thoroughly remove all infected tissue from the root canal. The use of the microscope opens up many possibilities, especially when there are hidden root canals, cracked walls, bends, lateral branches, and to facilitate the treatment of canals with frequent atypical structures. It should also be used when it is necessary to pull out broken instruments, to find and close root canal perforation, to qualitatively enumerate previously untreated canals.

Please note! If the inflammation of the nerve is not treated in time, periodic exacerbations may occur, manifested by pain and swelling. And incorrect root canal filling by individual dentists not specialized in endodontics can lead to irreversible changes and even tooth loss.

It must be understood that a tooth with polished root canals is like a dry branch, so often such teeth may splinter and have cracks from eating hard food. In order to avoid this and keep the result of the treatment as long as possible – we always recommend covering such teeth with a dental crown, which provides excellent protection.



Great clinic and friendly staff. Very satisfied, highly recommend them! 👍🏻


Great clinic! Always greeted by polite, smiling, and communicative receptionists who will prompt and advise everything. Dentists are experts in their field. All dental instruments are sterilized and packed in kraft bags – a big priority for me in choosing a clinic because I am involved in the medical industry, and I know how important this is. I am sure that at ROMA Clinic I will not catch any disease during dental procedures


I recommend Roma Dental Center to everyone. The best dental center for children with special needs. Humanity, understanding, good attitude towards patients, feels like home. The treatment at the medical dream was easy, painless and the only option I had in my difficult situation. I am sincerely grateful for the high level of professionalism! Especially for not losing your humanity! I would love to come back again! Thank you!


Endodontic treatment of frontal teeth

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