American dentists use about 13 tons of gold per year for inlays, crowns, dental bridges and dentures. But we have been ahead of the US for a long time and offer you white-washed prosthetic solutions in ceramics, zirconia and other innovative materials!

Prosthodontics (prosthodontics) is about ensuring results in aesthetics and function where unfortunately fillings and restorations can no longer be successful or when lost teeth have to be restored at all. In simple terms, orthopaedics means veneers, a variety of crowns and dentures.

Veneers are very thin ceramic plates (0.2-0.6 mm thick). They are fixed to the front surface of the tooth to correct colour and shape. When your smile looks unaesthetic, veneers are just for you. 

Crowns are applied to teeth with extensive damage (more than 60% of their surface) or to teeth with polished root canals. Often, a filling can cause a cracking of the tooth walls if these are very thin, so the chewing load is distributed on the remaining part of the tooth, which then decays and the tooth is lost. To avoid this complication, the tooth must be strengthened with a crown.

To avoid this complication, you should strengthen your tooth with a dental crown.

A dental crown is like a cover on your smartphone, as if you don’t have to wear it, but the desire to protect your gadget so that it lasts as long as possible wins out.

At the ROMA Clinic the orthopedic dentist works only with a digital protocol. This ensures a high accuracy of fit of the crown to the tooth and shortens the timing of the prosthetic work. We fit both temporary (plastic) and permanent metal-ceramic, modern, highly aesthetic, metal-free crowns (zirconium dioxide or pressed ceramic).

In the case of missing teeth, we restore the integrity of the tooth row with crowns and dentures on dental implants.

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Great clinic! Always met by polite, smiling, and communicative receptionists with good advice and guidance. Dentists are experts in their field. All dental instruments are sterilized and packed in kraft bags – a big priority for me in choosing a clinic because I am involved in the medical industry, and I know how important this is. I am sure that at ROMA Clinic I will not catch any disease during dental procedures. I would like to thank the staff and the head of the clinic and part-time orthodontist Ilyk Olena Romanivna for the successful orthodontic treatment. During this period you have become like family to me.




Complete functional diagnosis: photoprofile, prints, 3D scan, treatment plan

2600 UAH

Ceramic tooth, STANDART crown

from 8500 UAH

Ceramic tooth, PREMIUM crown

from 12 000 UAH

Ceramic tooth, VIP crown

from 17 000 UAH


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