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Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with the prevention and treatment of crooked teeth and malocclusions.

For the first appointment and check-up with the orthodontist, bring your child in as soon as all the baby teeth have erupted. The doctor will check the teeth and give advice on what needs to be done to achieve a correct bite. Particular attention should be paid to the treatment of the baby teeth to prevent them from decaying and losing prematurely. Each deciduous tooth will erupt at regular intervals to replace the permanent tooth. Children should be seen by an orthodontist once a year, even if the teeth have grown in time and are erupting properly, until the permanent teeth have erupted.

As it is known, crooked teeth and bites can be corrected not only in children, but also in adults who at one time or another did not dare or were embarrassed by orthodontic treatment. There are many orthodontic appliances, but they all fall into two categories: removable and fixed.

Removable braces include aligners, which are transparent mouth protectors that can be used to align teeth. They are a modern alternative to braces.

At the ROMA Clinic, orthodontic treatment is performed with Invisalign, a world-renowned American brand of orthodontic mouth guards. The diagnosis and treatment protocol is fully digital, thanks to a 3D Shape scanner, which allows these mouth guards to be made just for you. Such VIP treatment is much faster than usual comfortable, predictable and the result will exceed your expectations! It must be understood that the gum-guards must be worn 22 hours per day in the mouth (not in the pocket!) and should only be removed when eating or brushing.

A fixed appliance – brace system. Today there are many different brace systems available, depending on the material they are made of (metal, plastic, ceramic, sapphire, gold) and their design (ligature and self-ligating). At ROMA Clinic you can choose a bracket system that suits your taste and budget, but always take into account doctor’s recommendations.

STANDART ligature braces – braces are attached to the teeth with an arch (self-ligating and self-aligning) using ligature bands (elastic or metal). During the treatment with this system, it is necessary to visit an orthodontist once every 3-4 weeks on average. The average duration of this treatment is 2-2.5 years.

Ligature-free Damon STANDARTplus braces are positively different from the previous systems in their construction and the principle of their action. The brace itself is attached to the tooth with an arch that is closed with a special latch (no rubber bands). Throughout treatment, the number of visits is reduced to 10-12 as the interval between visits is increased (once every 8-10 weeks), which is convenient for most patients, especially those who live in other cities or countries.

Our experience in aligning teeth with the Damon ligatureless brace system is over 12 years. Using this system is the way to improve the quality of orthodontic treatment. Therefore, our orthodontist does not stop and thanks to its constant growth and improvement offers a completely new type of self-ligating braces – Insignia PREMIUM.

Insignia PREMIUM ligature-free braces are a digital orthodontic bracket system that allows you to have braces and arches completely customized for each individual tooth. Exactly, not a standard set from the factory, but completely made specifically for your treatment! Thanks to digital diagnosis with an intraoral scanner, this PREMIUM offering features high computer accuracy, virtually no discomfort, and treatment duration is reduced by up to 25%. This saves you time because you will see your dentist a quarter of the time. This is a completely new possibility in the planning and management of the teeth alignment process.

After the orthodontic treatment is completed, there is an equally important period – the maintenance of the result achieved (retention). Usually, fixed special braided arches (retainers) are attached to the back of the tooth and individual mouth guards are made for overnight use. It is important to remember that the retention period in children is twice as long as the orthodontic treatment and in adults, it may be lifelong.

By choosing orthodontic treatment at ROMA you get a result that exceeds your expectations!

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Convenient location and professional childminding service.

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Absolutely the best clinic!!! I would like to personally thank Ilyk Olena Romanovna and Olia, who is always helpful, for making my smile perfect and flawless!!! Special thanks to Goshko Iryna and her assistant Halyna for their hard work and my healthy, beautiful teeth. It was thanks to Irina’s treatment that I had half a lifetime of dentistry. Now I always look forward and enjoy my next visit to the dentist. And your receptionists are like a second mother at home, they are friendly, advise, suggest, and most importantly, always remind me of my visit. You are all the best!!!!!


Treatment with STANDART brace system

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Treatment with PREMIUM brace system

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VIP treatment with aligners

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