Quite often we are asked – should the baby teeth be treated, since they will fall out anyway? The answer is unambiguous: it is necessary to have the baby teeth treated, because the condition of the baby teeth determines whether the permanent teeth will remain healthy or not.

Did you know that parents are personally responsible for the cleaning of their child’s teeth up to the age of 10? Until the motor skills of the hands (calligraphic handwriting, self-lacing) are developed, this process cannot be fully entrusted to the child. It is not only necessary to monitor, but also to help children’s teeth to be brushed every day. It has already been confirmed that 90% of babies don’t brush well at home. You should teach them proper, regular oral hygiene from the time their first tooth appears. It is important to brush for at least two minutes twice a day.

Nutrition also affects the condition of primary teeth and therefore the diet should include plenty of products containing fluoride, calcium and phosphorous to strengthen the enamel and provide your child with hard foods like apples or carrots so the teeth are exercised and self-cleaning, which, in addition, contribute to proper jaw development.

Reduce the amount of sweets. Lollipops, toffees, sugary drinks (tea/compote with sugar, Coca-Cola, juices) should be eliminated from the diet or severely restricted. Your child does not need to consume so much sugar. It is better to offer a chocolate candy, but no more than 1-2 times a week, and afterwards teach your child to rinse the mouth immediately with at least water.

It is common for parents, just like children, to forget or be lazy about brushing their teeth – as a result, a lot of plaque is left on the teeth. If this It is common for parents, just like children, to forget or be lazy about brushing their teeth – as a result, a lot of plaque is left on the teeth. If this plaque is not removed in time, it can lead to the formation of tartar, tooth decay and gum inflammation. It is recommended that children have a professional oral hygiene treatment at a pediatric dentist’s office every 4 months and every 6 months for adults.

During hygiene, the doctor carefully cleans all tooth surfaces as well as areas that are difficult to access with home care. After that, the dentist examines the oral cavity and diagnoses tooth decay. Importantly, the pediatric dentist will teach and demonstrate how to brush teeth properly and assist in choosing the right brush and toothpaste for your child.

Another ingenious method of caries prevention is fissure sealing, a simple solution to protect the surfaces of masticatory teeth. Sealing is recommended on baby teeth and especially on newly erupted permanent teeth. During the procedure, the grooves of the masticatory surface are filled with a special material (sealant) that prevents food debris and plaque from sticking and thus prevents caries from developing. In general, it is already possible at the age of 2.5-3 years for milk teeth and 6-8 years for permanent teeth.

As you know, good quality and timely prevention of oral diseases is the key to good health which will save money and time in the future!

If your child does get cavities, what should you do?

There is an opinion that the baby teeth will fall out anyway, so why treat them? You should understand that temporary teeth are the same structure as permanent teeth and they also have a vascular and nerve supply, the so-called “nerve”. If decay is not treated in time, it can quickly develop into an inflammation of the nerve (pulpitis), leading to intolerable pain for the child and sleepless nights. Note that milk teeth have important functions such as chewing food and forming the bite.

If the scope of the intervention is large (in the case of multiple caries), discomfort due to nerve inflammation (pulpitis) or your child is completely unprepared for dental treatment but needs it and you are desperate – we have a solution. We treat all teeth in one visit in a medical dream.


Our philosophy: A child visits a friend, not just a doctor, because our pediatric dentists find an approach even for the youngest, first-time patients.


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Professional hygiene for children (up to 7 years)

570 UAH

Sealing of the milk molar

580 UAH

Filling of a temporary tooth

from 780 UAH

Endodontics of temporary teeth

from 1200 UAH

Children's metal crown application

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Deciduous tooth extraction

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