The only part of the human body that cannot regenerate is the tooth. Unlike other tissues in the body, the loss of a part of it cannot be repaired without the help of dentists. Therefore, prevention is the basis of your dental health.

Why the dental culture from childhood and professional hygiene at the dentist twice a year are so important?

One in ten people forget or simply do not perform the daily ritual of brushing their teeth. This is a sad statistic, because dentists recommend brushing at least twice a day for 2-3 minutes to maintain healthy teeth. This applies to both adults and children.

Brushing technique is especially important, as it is not enough to hold or move the brush back and forth in your mouth. Dental hygiene aids such as floss or interdental brushes and rinse can be used to ensure thorough and proper brushing. It is important to note that without the use of these aids, the risk of tooth decay is significantly increased.

Professional oral hygiene is an integral part of preventive dental care. It is usually recommended at least twice a year. Because it is during dental cleaning that we not only take care of removing plaque and calculus from your teeth, but also ensure the overall health of the soft tissues so that your teeth last as long as possible and do not loosen or fall out.

All scheduled treatment at the Clinic “ROMA” begins with professional hygiene. It is performed using new, modern instruments, so-called curettes, sonic and ultrasonic handpieces, Air-Flow method. Finally, the tooth enamel is polished with special toothpaste. You’re guaranteed clean and smooth, shiny teeth, fresh breath, and most importantly, you’ll always be ahead of serious oral diseases. And why spend more when tooth decay and especially its complications can be avoided.



I was treated at Roma clinic and I was amazed by sensitive attitude of the clinic’s staff, it is really nice when administrators remind of my visit, doctors perform their work well and assistants help them 😊 work of real artists 👍👍👍


Good dental clinic. Good professionals working, always welcoming team, with care for the patient. Great and positive atmosphere. Always absolutely sterile and clean. I and my relatives visit the clinic. Everyone is happy and there have been no complaints. I recommend it.

Solja Hataranjak

A good clinic with highly qualified specialists. Convenient location and professional childcare.
The staff at the reception is very pleasant and open, and it was easy to get the consultation I needed.


Professional hygiene (primary removal of dental plaque)

1550 UAH

Professional hygiene (repeated removal of dental plaque - every 3-6 months)

1250 UAH

Professional hygiene for children (age 14-18 years)

1050 UAH

Professional hygiene for children (age 7 -14 years)

850 UAH


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