To finally stop being afraid of the words “extraction”, “surgery” and “surgeon”, we have the perfect solution for you – simply sleep sweetly during surgery.

Preserving the patient’s teeth is the primary concern of every dentist. Modern surgical dentistry defines a set of surgical interventions for preserving teeth. For example, cyst removal, periodontal surgery, closure of root exposure (recession), etc. Bone fillers are often used during these surgical interventions. These are materials to fill in bone defects.

Augmentation surgery is performed to restore bone volume and correct the defect. Such operations are advisable after a complex tooth extraction and also when implantation is involved. This is especially important in the visible aesthetic area. Bone augmentation is a material which forms its own, new bone when in contact with human blood.

There are many reasons for tooth loss – trauma, medically necessary extraction, etc. However, there are different solutions for restoring lost teeth. The most effective one is implantation.

An implant is an artificial tooth root made from titanium. Once it is inserted in place of the lost tooth, it grows into the bone (osseointegration). It thus becomes a secure support for the future crown. Dental implants are not only an aesthetic solution for the missing tooth, but also the best way to restore the function of the lost tooth.

Implants are inserted in the following cases

– replacement of a single lost tooth;

– replacement of several teeth (the implants –can be used as a support for a bridge);

– when teeth are completely missing (patients lose the need to use removable dentures by having a fixed prosthesis). With the development of implantology as a science, new approaches to such a seemingly uncomplicated intervention as tooth extraction have emerged. Since it is necessary to preserve as much bone tissue as possible for implants, the possibility of trauma to the gums, bone walls and inter-root walls should be minimized when a tooth is extracted. In the case of multi-rooted teeth, this is a particularly difficult task. Normally, the roots of the teeth are surrounded by bone on all sides. The thickness of this tissue varies, sometimes it is very thin, less than 1 millimetre. After a tooth extraction there is a bone cavity (pit) filled with a blood clot. If one of the walls of the hole is missing (sometimes more), it is not possible to obtain the bone volume required for the placement of an implant without bone grafting. These factors require the so-called atraumatic method of tooth extraction. That is why we use a microscope during surgery.

Dental surgery has long since ceased to be discomforting and intimidating. After all, we have created a Medical Sleep Center just for you, where all kinds of dental interventions, including surgery, can be carried out.

With an arsenal of modern treatment techniques and using them in everyday practice, the dental surgeons achieve excellent results, restore effective masticatory function to their patients and ensure maximum aesthetic results, which gives you an extraordinary sense of self-confidence.



I was treated at Roma clinic, I was amazed by sensitive attitude of the clinic’s staff, it is really nice when administrators remind of my visit, doctors perform their work well and assistants help them 😊 work of real artists 👍👍👍


Great clinic! Always welcomed by polite, smiling and communicative receptionists who will advise and suggest everything. Dentists are experts in their field. All dental instruments are sterilised and packed in kraft bags – a big priority for me in choosing a clinic because I am involved in the medical industry and I know how important this is. I am sure that in “ROMA” Clinic I will not catch a disease during dental treatment.

I would like to thank the team and head of the clinic and orthodontist Ilyk Olena Romanivna for the successful orthodontic treatment. During this time you have become my family.




Great clinic. Extremely friendly staff. I would like to thank doctor Tyapka Chrystyna for her extraordinary approach to children and her assistant Olga. My daughter enjoys visiting the dentist. And receptionist Valya who always welcomes and reminds of the visit with a smile. I recommend Roma clinic to everyone, you are the best.


Tooth extraction

from 930 UAH

Implantation (without the cost of the implant)

11885 UAH

Bone grafting in the area of one tooth (without the cost of biomaterials)

6800 UAH

Frenulum surgery on the lip/tongue

1650 UAH


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