Statistics show that 98% of people on the planet have experienced a disease like tooth decay at least once in their life. In that case urgent treatment – a tooth filling – is needed

Tooth decay is one of the most common problems that prompt patients to visit the general dentist. The onset of pain and discomfort should not be ignored. After all, tooth decay will develop further, which can lead to an irreversible consequence – tooth loss.

Tooth decay has several stages of development, from a small spot to a large cavity in the tooth. It can have an acute or chronic course. Depending on the stage and activity of the disease, the doctor will always choose an effective treatment option.

ROMA Clinic applies digital diagnostic methods and treatment quality control. We isolate the diseased tooth from the oral cavity with a coffidam. We use only modern composite materials of the new generation, which are strong enough to withstand chewing pressure and have the same colour and transparency as your tooth enamel.

The treatment is comfortable because it is carried out under local anesthesia. If the number of decayed teeth is 5 or more, this treatment can be carried out in one visit in a medical sleep. This is the best solution to avoid discomfort and save your time.

Timely and good quality therapeutic treatment is the key to the health and beauty of your smile!



I was treated at Roma clinic and I was amazed by sensitive attitude of the clinic’s staff, it is really nice when administrators remind of my visit, doctors perform their work well and assistants help them 😊 work of real artists 👍👍👍

Solja Hataranjak

A good clinic with highly qualified specialists.

Convenient location and professional childcare.

The staff at the reception is very pleasant and open, and it was easy to get the consultation I needed.


Best clinic in the region. I am amazed at the professionalism of all the doctors. Thank you for the safety and hospitality of each staff. You are the best!!!


Filling (photopolymer/composite)

from 1080 UAH

Artistic restoration (photopolymer/composite)

from 2180 UAH


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